Vitamin D for Lyme

After extensive research, it has become clear that Vitamin D is where it’s at for the Lyme ladies. Women suffering from Lyme are notoriously low on D and it is crucial to women’s health and well-being to bring the D levels back up. The next time your caregiver asks if you want D you need to respond with an assertive and resounding “YES!” Let me explain why.


  1. Low levels of D are cause for depression. This is a well-known scientific fact. We have much to be depressed about in the Lyme world and low D levels don’t need to be one of them. Daily doses of D will ensure happier, healthier patients.  D = Happiness
  2. Proteins in D help to support the immune system. That’s right. Injections of D will help boost your immune system.
  3. With D comes my favorite – Vitamin C. I didn’t learn this until recently, when I was informed that allowing the right “caregiver” to give you D injections would also mean you get an infusion of C. It’s a two for one situation that shouldn’t be passed up as C has just as many health benefits as D; and for those of us with desires beyond feeling good, C is known to improve your skin. Who doesn’t love a healthy glow?

Good health. Improved immunities. Glowing skin. All of these are positive benefits to a chronically ill patient. So say it loud. “I want D” Say it proud. “I want D.” Ask your doctor, friends, neighbors, significant others to help you. Let them know you want D. Say it with me one more time.

“I. Want. D.”


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