It’s Lymes not Lyme


How many times do I have to remind the world that I have Lymes disease not Lyme. That one little letter is the bane of my existence. Do I have only one tiny Lyme bacteria destroying my life? No. I have lots and lots of the dirty little bastards. Check yo English my none Lymes comrades. I have buckets of bacteria and the last I checked when there is a multiple of ANYTHING you add an “S” to the end of the word. Is it Limes disease? Or Lime disease? No. I am not a single piece of citrus nor am I multiple pieces of citrus. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some fresh lime in my fresh squeezed juice (organic of course), straight from my overpriced juicer but please, stop. Just stop. My days are long. My frustrations are many. Get it right or I will correct you but not before I let out a long deep sigh, roll my eyes and do my best to make you feel like a complete and total idiot for getting it all wrong.


8 thoughts on “It’s Lymes not Lyme

  1. Lyme disease is actually an Toponym and is not plural for that reason. A Toponym is derived from a place. Hence Lyme , CT

    A word formed in correlation to a place.

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    1. Can we call you Lymey .? It is so good to hear your senses of humours . It’s one of the best things to help get you through the day with this rotten insidious thing . I hope you find a solution to it ,we are still looking . Bestes wisheses x

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  2. Can we call you Lymey . Great senses of humours . One of the things that will help you get through this rotten ,insidious disease . Bestes wisheses x


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