Lyme Patient Wins Powerball – Has No Idea

On Monday, January 11, 2016 a Lyme patient by the name of Amy made the difficult decision to spend her $36.00 on Powerball tickets. She needed more Vitamin C supplements but felt taking the risk to win big was worth the immune system crash.

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After announcing on Facebook that she plans to open a Lyme retreat free of charge to all of her Lyme friends, paying for their medical needs and lodging expenses, Amy put on her driving helmet, took her life in her hands and drove to the gas station to purchase her tickets. Upon returning home, Amy put those tickets someplace safe for fear a family member might steal them, even though she lives alone.

Watching the news early Thursday morning, around 11:45 am to be precise, Amy suddenly remembered she had purchased lotto tickets and she actually resides in Florida. Florida! One of the winning states!!

Four hours were spent looking for those tickets because she couldn’t remember where she had hidden them but dammit she found them eventually, safely tucked away inside the toaster oven, slightly burned around the edges from toasting that morning’s vegan, dairy free, gluten free piece of cardboard she calls “breakfast.”

As Amy sat comparing the numbers on the lottery page to her tickets she was acutely aware that she wasn’t feeling well. What she wasn’t aware of was that her neurological symptoms were fully flared and she was inverting her numbers.

A single lone tear rolled down her cheek as it sunk in that she didn’t win the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. She was sad, sure. But she was also scared. Unsure of what to tell her Lyme friends who were counting on her for antibiotics and small, rent free, communal apartments, she opted to deactivate her Facebook account and go into hiding.

Shuffling back to the toaster oven, she placed the tickets back inside for safe keeping and to look at again later. With no money left, no Vitamin C to take and exhausted from the early morning search for the lost tickets, Amy laid down for a nap, forgetting all about the tickets , completely unaware that she was in fact one of the three Powerball winners, that she could purchase a lifetime supply of Vitamin C, and even provide medicine (the real stuff, none of that generic crap) for all 4,000 of her closest Lyme pals.


10 thoughts on “Lyme Patient Wins Powerball – Has No Idea

  1. Congratulations Amy. Don’t spend it all at once and use it wisely. You still have time to decide what to do with the money and enjoy your life for the rest of us. Get out of town and find a good safe hole to stuff it in.

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  2. I SO hope this is true! Please, please, please let it be true. And if it is true, please let Amy get her story into the press. I started a lottery pool on Facebook and several Lyme patients joined it in the hopes that we could win the lottery to (a) help others suffering with Lyme and (b) get our story into the press since LOADS of people will be reading about the Powerball winners. YAY, Amy!!!!!

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  3. I too pray this is true and not a hoax as there are so many suffering with Lyme. I too chatted with Lyme friends about what we could do if one of us one even a fraction of the winnings. Research, support fund treatments for those who can’t afford it etc.


    1. Thank you for responding to the post. I hope you had an opportunity to read the article, as well as the description of what is. This is a form of satire and while I understand the dire circumstances so many those with Lyme live in and with, this blog is a place for me to write in a humorous manner and have fun with all that I too struggle with.


  4. Imagine that this IS true…and that she won millions! Imagine the good one of us could do for others fighting Lyme; and imagine what a few million could do to further Lyme research! So much like a Lymie to forget about tickets, then not being able to read them correctly due to nero-Lyme (my eyes/brain invert numbers all the time!). Maybe her toaster oven was the best place for them; lord knows where I would have put them! What a dream-open an expense free Lyme retreat….


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