Lyme Victim ousted for Carbs and Candy

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It was been brought to my attention earlier this afternoon, that the latest victim of Lyme Disease succumbed not to the disease itself but, in fact, to the ostracization and ousting from all online Lyme groups when her “friend” told everyone that she has been eating candy and carbs. The victim has asked to remain nameless but admitted that she had been regularly binging on bread made with gluten, pizza, cookies and large quantities of candy to help with her depression. When the Lyme Community learned of her self-sabotage they decided tough love was their only option and worked together to black list her from all online Lyme groups, deleting her from their Facebook pages and turning a photo of her into a meme to “teach her a lesson.” When I reached out to the bullied victim her only response was “Fuck Lyme. Fuck those crazy Lyme groups. If I’m going to die, I’m going to do it in my way. In a sugar coma, fat and fucking happy.” The last time anyone saw her was over 72 hours ago, picking skittles out of the bottom of her purse and rubbing raw pizza dough all over her body.


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